Susan Thomas

News Review – Montage

A collection of clips from the ‘News Review’ programme 1987-1991.
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News Review was produced in Christchurch and ran for several years before, in 1987, signing Deaf presenters joined the programme. Susan Thomas and Ava Agnew appeared on alternate Sundays. They worked hard to develop new signs for words or to translate new concepts into New Zealand Sign Language. The programme was a popular way for the Deaf community to access mainstream news, even if it was often a week old!

NB. SignDNA is searching for more copies of News Review; we only have a limited number of videos. If you have any recording, please let us know.

  1. Ava Buzzard

  2. Susan Thomas

Donated by Susan Thomas
Produced by News Review, Television New Zealand
Original format VHS
Reference number ST01-01-TV8890