First Deaf graduate of Master in Business Administration

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Angela Sew Hoy shares her experiences of being the first Deaf graduate of a Master of Business Administration.
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Angela Sew Hoy is the first Deaf Kiwi to graduate with a MBA (Master of Business Administration). She shares the challenges she faced during the course, such as lots of business jargon used by the lecturers, and additional reading notetakers to do in the evenings. In addition, there were lots of class discussions that were fast and discussion topics changed rapidly which Angela had to  keep up with by watching the interpreters.

Angela, a 5th generation Chinese in New Zealand, is feeling relieved that she has achieved this dream, and is already thinking about her next dreams, which may or may not include a PhD. Her family is extremely proud of her, and they - along with some friends - go out to celebrate for dinner that evening after her graduation.

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