Dorothy Jones

Deaf Kiwis abroad!

Deaf New Zealanders take timeout for some sightseeing during a trip to the first, week-long Deaf Way conference in 1989 in Washington DC, USA.
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In July 1989, a few months after New Zealand hosted the World Deaf Games in Christchurch, more than 6,000 Deaf people from around the world met at Gallaudet University to celebrate Deaf culture at the first week-long Deaf Way conference.

On Friday 27 July 1989, a group of New Zealanders take in the sights of Washington D.C, including Gallaudet University, the White House, House of Congress and the Lincoln Memorial, as well as checking out the city’s underground rail system.

  1. Ava Buzzard

  2. Christine Martin

  3. Kevin Stokes

  4. Lindsay Jones

  5. Tony Walton

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