Allan Richardson

Northern Deaf Youth Camp 1995

Coverage of the participants and activities enojoyed at the 1995 Northern Deaf Youth Camp in Lake Whakamaru, Waikato.
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This youth camp, organised by FYD, took place at Lake Whakamaru, Waikato, from 13-18 April 1995. Youth aged between 12 and 16 years old participated in many different activites such as conquering the confidence course, team-building activities, water-based activities and completed the camp with an evening of storytelling and drama.

  1. Adam Tate

  2. Allan Richardson

  3. Carlos Green

  4. Chris Blum

  5. Christian Grey

  6. Clarissa U Ka Weng

  7. Daniel Greenwood

  8. Darryl Alexander

  9. Finau Otutaha

  10. Gabrielle Samuel

  11. Greg Parsons

  12. Helen Wildbore

  13. June Holt

  14. Kim Robinson

  15. Luke James

  16. Michael Johnston

  17. Natalie Gordon

  18. Sara Pivac Alexander

  19. Shoshone Rissetto

  20. Simon Strawbridge

  21. Sonia Pivac

  22. Spike Holt

  23. Telima Leaupepe

  24. Tristan Prakash

  25. Yatika Keshav

Donated by Allan Richardson
Reference number AR02-01-DY95