Tony Clews

Australian Deaf Rugby League Team: New Zealand Tour

A homemade Sydney documentary on the Australian Deaf Rugby league team’s tour of New Zealand in 1990 from preparation, the tour, the tests, and triumphant return home.
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A home-made film chronology of the Australia Deaf Rugby League team’s trip to New Zealand. Footage includes prior to leaving Australia, during the tour, and after the tests! John Herbert, Liza Clews and Tony Clews host a homemade Sydney show titled ‘Wide World of Sports’, covering the Australian Deaf Rugby league team’s tour of New Zealand in 1990. It starts by explaining how the tour came about, with the New Zealand team visiting Sydney in June 1988 and playing matches against NSW, Queensland, and the Australian team. It goes on to cover the selection of the Australian team and their training sessions, before taking a trip across the ditch to play three tests against the Deaf Kiwis over the space of six days in Auckland.

The first test was at Carlaw Park on 3 June 1990, won by Australia 24–4. The second test was at Thompson Park on 6 June 1990, won by Australia 16–6. The third and last test was at the Auckland Domain on 9 June 1990, won by Australia once again 20–6 for a clean sweep.

The footage also covers the Australian team’s trip to Rotorua, and the prizegiving evening.

Australia Deaf Rugby League team:

John Herbert (Team Manager, NSW), Tony Clews (Tour Manager, NSW), David Lehfedlt (Associate Team Manager), James Ashley (Trainer, NSW), Dean Hanagan (Coach NSW), Mick Conroy (Captain, Qld), Michael O’Brien (Vice Captain, Qld), Brian Layton (NSW), Craig Robinson (NSW), Larry Brown (NSW), Andrew Herbery (Qld), Warren Maxwell (Qld), Mick Conroy (Qld), Carl Cruton (NSW), Peter Allen (NSW), Ian Slinn (NSW), Brendan McNamara (NSW), Ron Papallo (NSW), Ernie McGillicuddy (NSW), Paul Cassidy (NSW), Kevin Smith (NSW), Geoff Perryman (NSW), Stephen Perryman (NSW), James Muscat (NSW), Kevin Wilton (NSW)

New Zealand Deaf Rugby league team:

Wayne Andresen (Auckland), Malcolm Clause (Canterbury), Michael Collett (Canterbury), Ronald Hood (Auckland), Noel Hooper (Sydney based), Sidney Johnson (Auckland), Tinga Katipa (Auckland), Steve Lawrence (Auckland), Peter Musgrave (Auckland), Graeme Phinney (Wellington), Ricki Pointon (Wellington), Nigel Pumipi (Canterbury), Maurice Ratapu (Auckland), Richard Renata (Auckland), Chris Spencer (Auckland), Jimmy Trethowen (Midlands), Daniel Upton (Canterbury), Michael Wi (Auckland), Andrew Pelasio (Sydney), Richard Peri (Auckland), Coach: Ron Goodin, Team Manager: Robert Marquet

  1. Andrew Herbery

  2. Andrew Pelasio

  3. Brendan McNamara

  4. Brian Layton

  5. Carl Cruton

  6. Chris Spencer

  7. Craig Robinson

  8. Daniel Upton

  9. David Lehfedlt

  10. Dean Hanagan

  11. Ernie McGillicuddy

  12. Geoff Perryman

  13. Graeme Phinney

  14. Ian Slinn

  15. James Ashley

  16. James Muscat

  17. Jimmy Trethowen

  18. John Herbert

  19. Kevin Smith

  20. Kevin Wilton

  21. Larry Brown

  22. Liza Clews

  23. Malcolm Clausen

  24. Maurice Ratapu

  25. Michael Collett

  26. Michael O’Brien

  27. Michael Wi

  28. Mick Conroy

  29. Nigel Pumipi

  30. Noel Hooper

  31. Paul Cassidy

  32. Peter Allen

  33. Peter Musgrave

  34. Richard Peri

  35. Richard Renata

  36. Ricki Pointon

  37. Robert Marquet

  38. Ron Goodin

  39. Ron Papallo

  40. Ronald Hood

  41. Sidney Johnson

  42. Stephen Perryman

  43. Steve Lawrence

  44. Tinga Katipa

  45. Tony Clews

  46. Warren Maxwell

  47. Wayne Andresen

Donated by Tony Clews
Produced by John Herbert
Original format MP4
Reference number TC03-01-SPO90