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  1. 1988
    Video — Donated by Tony Clews Image of Tony Clews

    First Deaf rugby league game between Australia and New Zealand in Sydney

    Historic first rugby league game between New Zealand and Australia, which took place in Sydney 1988 (Henson Park, Newton). Australia won 16–6.

  2. 1988
    Video — Donated by Tony Clews Image of Tony Clews

    Rugby league: NSW Deaf vs New Zealand Deaf Kiwis

    As a warm-up in preparation for their upcoming game vs the Australian Deaf rugby league team, the Deaf Kiwis play against the NSW Deaf rugby league team on 4 June 1988. The game was won by NSW, 18–8.

  3. 1990
    Video — Donated by Tony Clews Image of Tony Clews

    Australian Deaf Rugby League Team: New Zealand Tour

    A homemade Sydney documentary on the Australian Deaf Rugby league team’s tour of New Zealand in 1990 from preparation, the tour, the tests, and triumphant return home.

  4. 1990
    Video — Donated by Rodney Roberts Image of Rodney Roberts

    Kiwis vs Roos: Deaf Rugby League

    Footage of rugby league training, haka practice, game planning, changing room preparations, and actual game footage of all three matches between the Deaf Kiwis and Australian teams, and even a visit to the hospital for an injured Kiwi player!

  5. 1987
    Video — Donated by Deaf Society of Canterbury Image of Deaf Society of Canterbury

    Athletics at the 32nd Annual NZ Games for the Deaf: Christchurch 1987

    The popular athletics interclub and open championship ran to a tight program, from 8:00am to 12:00 noon. The Oxspring Shield for interclub athletics went to Auckland with 32 points. The 32nd Annual NZ Games for the Deaf in Christchurch provided valuable experience for hosting the World Deaf Games to be held in Christchurch in January 1989. At Cowles Stadium, Shona McGhie and Tony Walton are also interviewed by News Review.