video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

2nd National Deaf Youth Camp, 2006

Footage of the 2nd National Deaf Youth Camp was during 25 September to 30 September 2006, with 50 participants. The event was organised by Christchurch Deaf Youth Club which was set up after the 1st National Deaf Youth Camp.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
video – Taonga source: Deaf Aotearoa

‘Inside Out’ interviews Hilary McCormack: Deaf education, advocacy and technology

An ‘Inside Out’ interview with Hilary McCormack where she talks about the advent of NZSL in Deaf education, advocacy and changing technology in the New Zealand Deaf community.
Deaf Aotearoa
publication – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

Absolutely Positively Windy Deaf: September 2014

Wellington Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

Wellington Deaf Society: Welcome Home Party!

Wellington Deaf Society finally has a new home, a new Deaf Club! A formal opening on Saturday 24 April 2021 to celebrate its new building since selling its Marion Street building in 2015.
Wellington Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: DEAFinitely Youth Group

1st National Deaf Youth Camp, 2005

The 1st National Deaf Youth Camp – April 2005 at Finlay Adventure Park, Cambridge – was supported and organised by DEAFinitely Youth Group (DYG). It was founded in 2000 to host the 2nd Asia-Pacific Deaf Youth Camp, and it went on to support the 1st NDYC with 25 participants and 5 different workshops.
DEAFinitely Youth Group
article – Taonga source: The Evening Post

In full voice

This fascinating book provides insight into a community about which most people are unaware. This is the world of Deaf culture, of Deaf as an identity, not a disability or deficit – Deaf with a capital D.
video – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

3rd National Deaf Youth Camp, 2008

The Wellington Deaf Youth Group organizes the 3rd National Deaf Youth Camp – a five-day camp in Hastings. The theme of the camp is UNITY.
Wellington Deaf Society