Owen Gibbons

Picnic at Duders Beach

Auckland Deaf community hold their annual picnic at Duders Beach, 1951.
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A group of Aucklanders travel via bus to Duders Beach in South East Auckland. Games such as running races, sack racks (which John McRae won!), lolly scrambles and apple bobbing competitions are held.

  1. Aileen Phillips

  2. Alan Hartley

  3. Andrew Steel

  4. Bill Davis

  5. Cyril Allen

  6. Dz Svikers

  7. Gwen Anderson

  8. Harry Lawrence

  9. Jack Varnham

  10. John McRae

  11. John Oxspring

  12. Kath Smith

  13. Kathleen French

  14. Kathy Smith

  15. Leslie Barratt

  16. Noel Johnson

  17. Owen Gibbons

  18. Ray Forman

  19. Ron Anderson

  20. Shirley Briggs

  21. Stewart Smith

  22. Sylvia Schischka

  23. Wallace Williams

Donated by Owen Gibbons
Original format 3" 8mm
Reference number OG03-01-CE51