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Interview with I. King Jordan about Deaf education

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The first Deaf president of Gallaudet University, Irving King Jordan, is visiting Christchurch, New Zealand for the World Games of the Deaf in January 1989. Dr King Jordan is interviewed about the changes he has implemented at Gallaudet University, and his impressions of Deaf education in NZ.

Since becoming president of the university in 1988 he has implemented a range of improvements aimed at making people feel truly welcome at Gallaudet; the only university in the world for Deaf people. Regarding NZ, he raises the lack of visible Deaf role models in New Zealand, such as Deaf teachers of the Deaf, as being one of the barriers to getting more Deaf people into university in New Zealand. In the USA, many of the schools have Deaf educators providing a Deaf role model for the Deaf children, inspiring them to achieve.

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