Demolition at van Asch, 1980

  • Deaf Education
Footage of the demolition of the ‘Main Building’ of van Asch College, April 1980.

In April 1980, the ‘Main Building’ of van Asch College was demolished due to its unstable foundations, making it an earthquake risk (a wise decision as it turned out). Footage is taken of the demolitions taking place. The main building was first used in March 1904. It was completed in 1918. The classrooms were on the second storey. The girl’s and boy’s dormitories were in separate wings on the first floor. The building contained a large dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, staff bedrooms, director’s office and a home for his family.

Video contains pictures taken from ‘They Hear with the Eye: A Centennial History of the Sumner School for Deaf Children’, a history book by A.B. Allen to celebrate the centennial of Sumner.

Produced by:
Michael Hope
Original format:
8mm 400ft
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