Absolutely Positively Windy Deaf: May 2014

Some of the items featured in Wellington Deaf Society’s May 2014 newsletter:

  • At its recent AGM, members requested a SGM in regards to the building situation which WDS is working on. 
  • Maureen Tompson, a life member of WDS and involved with the Board of Management for 19 years, steps down with a feature on her and her involvement with WDS.
  • Zoe Ferguson has been chosen to go to the WDF Youth Camp at Gallaudet University as a New Zealand representative. Candice David, one of our BOM members will be accompanying her. 
  • Some of WDS members were selected for the New Zealand Deaf Blacks Rugby team, with selections announced over the social night held over Easter weekend.
  • Work on the WDS roof is finally under progress with work expected to take three weeks.
  • Deaf Clubs
  • TV/Media
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