Wellington Deaf Society: May 2014 newsletter

Some of the items featured in Wellington Deaf Society’s May 2014 newsletter:

  • At its recent AGM, members requested a SGM in regards to the building situation which WDS is working on. 
  • Maureen Tompson, a life member of WDS and involved with the Board of Management for 19 years, steps down with a feature on her and her involvement with WDS.
  • Zoe Ferguson has been chosen to go to the WDF Youth Camp at Gallaudet University as a New Zealand representative. Candice David, one of our BOM members will be accompanying her. 
  • Some of WDS members were selected for the New Zealand Deaf Blacks Rugby team, with selections announced over the social night held over Easter weekend.
  • Work on the WDS roof is finally under progress with work expected to take three weeks.

  1. Cameron Ross

  2. Candice David

  3. Craig Becker

  4. Daniel Harborne

  5. Darryl Alexander

  6. Erich Krogmann

  7. Joanne Becker

  8. Mark Berry

  9. Nicollette Van Vuuren

  10. Riaan Van Vuuren

  11. Robert Cameron

  12. Shannon Morris

  13. Theresa Cooper

  14. Zoe Ferguson

Reference number WDS2014-05-MJN