publication – Taonga source: Wellington Deaf Society

38th New Zealand Games for the Deaf: Wellington, Labour Weekend 1995

Wellington Deaf Society
article – Taonga source: The Guardian

Deaf drama group presents NZ first

The Manawatu Deaf Drama Group (MADEDRA) will present a show at Abbey Theatre, before taking it to Auckland for the Deaf View Conference and eventually, hope to travel overseas.
video – Taonga source: Rodney Roberts

Canterbury plays Wellington ‘Lions’ in a close match of rugby league

The Wellington ‘Lions’ Rugby League team assembled at the Randwick Club to welcome their Canterbury opponents. After the match, players and supporters enjoy the Randwick hospitality before moving on to a private venue.
Rodney Roberts
article – Taonga source: Stuff

Meredith Karim can listen and speak, but she thinks in sign language

Meredith Karim​ was just five months old when she started using NZSL to communicate. She was born a hearing child to deaf parents, often known by the acronym CODA. She says while most people have a voice talking in their heads expressing their thoughts, she visualises hers in NZSL.
publication – Taonga source: St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre

Deaf Southern Star: 2015 (Vol. 37, No. 1)

St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

A Deafening Silence

A ‘Frontline’ documentary that touches upon an on-going topic - Deaf Education - in the Deaf community, not only in New Zealand but worldwide as well. In 2019, the message remains as familiar as it was twenty-five years ago.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Chris Blum

Summer Deaf Youth Camp: Drama Show

Youth campers at the 1996 Summer Deaf Youth Camp in Otaki put on an entertaining evening drama show!
Chris Blum
video – Taonga source: Allan Richardson

Summer Deaf Youth Camp 1996

Comprehensive footage of the participants and activities at the 1996 Summer Deaf Youth Camp in Otaki.
Allan Richardson
video – Taonga source: AUT Sign Language Section

Deaf Health Stories in NZSL

This project explores the experiences of Deaf New Zealanders in accessing healthcare and health information. 40 Deaf people from around New Zealand share their stories about barriers in this setting as well as strategies they have used in advocating for their right to access information, communication, and make informed decisions.
AUT Sign Language Section
article – Taonga source: Unknown

Getting the best from a less-than-perfect body

Some make a fuss, dress up and do it because its fashionable. Others do it for the sport and for the good of their bodies. Peter Barker, who is deaf, is one of the others.