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  1. 1988

    NFD Journal: March 1988 (Vol. 2, No. 1)

  2. 1988
    Video — Donated by Television New Zealand Archive Image of Television New Zealand Archive

    Deaf young actor on 'Strangers'

    'Strangers' was a TVNZ-produced drama series, including one Deaf character played by 7-year-old Sonia Pivac. This short documentary is a brief look behind the scenes of the filming process.

  3. 1986
    Video — Donated by Ngaire Doherty Image of Ngaire Doherty

    A 'Mime and Masks' show by Deaf Drama Group: A Visit to Kiwiland

    A Deaf Drama group perfoms 'A Visit to Kiwiland' at Kelston with supporting acts by the Sign Singers. The evening fundraised $766.00 towards the purchase of a TTY and to sponsor two pupils from Kelston to attend the World Deaf Games in Christchurch 1989.