Owen Gibbons

Socialising at Labour Weekend Wellington 1954

Athletes and spectators take a day out from the sporting competition to have fun in Wellington, 1954.
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Taking a break from the sporting challenges of the NZ Deaf Sports Convention in Wellington 1954, athletes and spectators take a day out for some sporting activities of their own, including sack races and 3-legged races! After viewing the Wellington Harbour, the group takes a trip to Wellington Zoo.

Note: This film is poor quality, including frame shrinkage, scratching, and colour variations, all due to ageing.

  1. Albert Hanson

  2. Barbara Gibbons

  3. Barbara Hazelwood

  4. Barbara Reed

  5. Bernard Mills

  6. Bruce Williams

  7. Daphne Ward

  8. David Sinclair

  9. Farrell Cunliffe

  10. John Bays

  11. John Bryson

  12. Keith Gordon

  13. Lesley Fechney

  14. Merv Forman

  15. Owen Gibbons

  16. Rae Rowling

  17. Richard Hanson

  18. Verna McRae

Donated by Owen Gibbons
Produced by Owen Gibbons
Original format 5" 8mm
Reference number OG04-01-SPO54
Sponsored by Christine Brennan, Susan Hamilton