Parent’s Day at Titirangi School for Deaf (1955)

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Annual Parent’s Day at Titirangi School for Deaf, where students show their parents around the school and put on a performance – tumbling, boxing, puppetry, ball handing and ballet.
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“On Saturday 19 November, all the people went to see their children for Parent’s Day. We started about 11 o’clock. At first, we went into school. I showed my mother my books at school and then we went to the hall to see everything. There were about 200 people. The parents had lunch about 12:00 outside. The parents looked at the Display of Activities. I sang “God save the Queen”, “Are you sleeping?”, etc. The children did verse-speaking and then two boys from Mt Wellington played at boxing. I heard all the parents laugh about it. I think we liked it. The Mt Wellington boys did a burlesque exhibition of tumbling and all the boys wore old clothes and lipstick. The little children had a tableau and played “Jack and Jill” etc. The parents looked at the puppetry and then the boys and girls from Mt Wellington did ball handling. The Titirangi girls did ballet and it was very nice and very good. Mau Croft, Gavin Appleby, Keith Rae, Keren Scott did fencing and all the boys from Titirangi did tumbling. Afternoon tea was served upstairs about 3:30pm. It was raining at school. All the children ran to the hall and then we had ice-creams. I think all the children had a good time for Parent’s Day.” (by Della Coulter, pg 26)

Source: “Celebrating 50 Years of Deaf Schools in Auckland”

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