DEANZ: Spring 2003

Some of the items featured in the Spring 2003 issue of ‘DEANZ’ (Vol. 2, No. 2):

  • The Southern Cochlear Implant Programme at van Asch Deaf Education Centre
  • Project HIEDI: Hearing-Impairment-Early Detection and Intervention
  • A New Zealand-Samoan Connection, an article by Sara Pivac talking about the first Foreign Aid project ever attempted within the New Zealand Deaf community in Samoa.
  • The Writing Project: A Joint Project between Kelston and van Asch
  • Spinning a DEANZ Web

  1. Beatrice Nuthall

  2. Darryl Alexander

  3. Elaine Sautia

  4. Rachel Noble

  5. Ruth Dyson

  6. Sara Pivac Alexander

Reference number DEANZ2003-02-1-MJN