video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

Japanese Deaf group visits Christchurch Deaf Club

It's a Friday evening and the Christchurch Deaf Club is where its happening! A tour group of 24 Deaf Japanese visitors make CDC a must-visit on their New Zealand itinerary.
Deaf Society of Canterbury
video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

Lawn Bowls prizegiving at Christchurch Deaf Society

The Christchurch Deaf Lawn Bowls Club organises its annual prizegiving, with lunch and drinks at Christchurch Deaf Society, on 6th October 1993.
Deaf Society of Canterbury
video – Taonga source: Sue Penman

NZ Deaf Sports Convention, Christchurch 1975

The Deaf community gather in Christchurch for the NZ Deaf Sports Convention in Labour Weekend, 1975.
Sue Penman
video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

Christchurch Deaf Club picnic at Amberley: Summer 1985

Christchurch Deaf Club hosted its annual picnic at Amberley, north of Christchurch. As usual, there are games aplenty, with the Amberley swimming pool a perfect location to cool off.
Deaf Society of Canterbury
video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

Dunedin vs Christchurch: Indoor Bowls at Christchurch Deaf Club

Dunedin and Christchurch battle it out at the Christchurch Deaf Club’s Armagh Street hall during winter where the mountain ranges around Christchurch are covered with snow!
Deaf Society of Canterbury
video – Taonga source: Deaf Society of Canterbury

‘An Oriental Evening’: Golf Club fundraiser

The Christchurch Golf Club hosts a fundraiser at the Armagh Street Clubrooms, organising a social evening - with participants encouraged to come in Chinese Fancy Dress. Origami folding and calligraphy were some of the games on the night. Watch to see who won the compulsory fancy-dress parade!
Deaf Society of Canterbury
video – Taonga source: Owen Gibbons

Christchurch Deaf men with (and on) their bicycles

Black and white footage of a group of Christchurch Deaf men with their bicycles chatting to the camera excitedly before riding on the road, and signing at the same time!
Owen Gibbons
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: 1973 (Vol. 10, No. 4)