Wellington Deaf Basketball Club 50th Anniversary

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Wellington Deaf Basketball Club celebrated their 50 years anniversary by competing at the national Deaf Basketball Tournament held over Queen’s Birthday weekend 1999. A range of teams took part - men’s and women’s representing the regions. The games are followed by some celebrations at Wellington Deaf Society.
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Wellington Deaf Basketball Club, set up in 1949, celebrates their 50th anniversary in 1999. The celebrations are held during the national Deaf basketball tournament over the Queens Birthday weekend, hosted by Wellington. Two (2) ladies team from Auckland and Christchurch competes against each other, while four (4) mens basketball teams competed from Wellington, Auckland, Manawatu and Christchurch.

  • Wellington beat Christchurch 74 - 48 (mens)
  • Wellington beat Manawatu 91 - 41 (mens)

If you have photos, scores, and further information on the weekend, SignDNA would love to hear from you.

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