Open Indoor Bowls Championship for the Deaf, Hamilton 1972

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A trip to Hamilton for the 1972 Open Indoor Bowls Championship for the Deaf provides a snapshot of NZ at the time. A road trip, sporting events, and a day out relaxing at various attractions presents what seems to be a fun weekend.
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From the New Zealand Deaf News, 1972:

“The 1972 New Zealand Indoor Bowls Championships for the Deaf which were held at the YMCA, Hamilton during Easter Weekend 1972 was voted by all who attended to be an outstanding success. No stone was left unturned by the Waikato Deaf Club to ensure that the tournament ran smoothly and the organisation could hardly be faulted. Great credit was due to the ladies who supervised the catering arrangements and to the three gentlemen who willingly gave up two days of their holiday break to umpire the games and also act as Tournament Controllers. Without the help of all these people the Tourney would have never run its course so smoothly.

The playing surface at the YMCA was simply super and experienced competitors present were loud in their praises of it.”

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