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Court scenes show shocking injustice

When 'The Remand of Ivan Curry' concluded last night with the knowledge that a deaf man wrongly accused for murder and imprisoned for two years without trial was finally released with nothing – no apology nor any compensation – the indignation must have risen high in the throats of many viewers.
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State needs to protect defendant’s right to a fair trial

Curry, who was deaf after suffering meningitis as an infant, spent two years in jail before being brought to trial on a murder charge a jury took just two hours to throw out.
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Ivan’s story perfectly told

A review of 'The Remand of Ivan Curry', a docudrama about the deaf man held on remand for 2 years accused of murdering his nephew.
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The Remand of Ivan Curry

A documentary outlining the case of Ivan Curry who, in 1988, was arrested and tried for the murder of his baby nephew. The documentary explores the case and in particular the plight of Ivan Curry who was remanded without bail for 15 months awaiting trial, as well as the difficulty Deaf people face navigating the justice system.
Sue Williams
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Inquiry into Curry murder prosecution

The Police Complaints Authority started an inquiry into a murder charge made in 1988 against Ivan Curry, who is profoundly deaf. The weekend screening of a documentary on TVNZ Channel One's 'The Remand of Ivan Curry', had raised concerns about the way the police handled the case.
article – Taonga source: NZ Herald

Treatment of deaf man is modern horror story

The documentary 'The Remand of Ivan Curry (One, Sunday 9.35) was the story of how a man could spend two years in a New Zealand prison without trial. A deaf man arrested for a murder he did not commit who was kept in jail through lack of police investigation then turned back onto the streets with nothing, not even an apology.
article – Taonga source: The Dominion

Judge partly exonerates police in Curry case

Police Complaints Authority reports on the police handling of the 1988 case in which a profoundly deaf man was charged with murder and later acquitted.