Stewart Edward Napier Smith was the president of Auckland Adult Deaf Society from 1947-1954 (later called the Auckland Deaf Society). Stewart also worked as a supervisor at the Chief Post Office in Auckland. Stewart was awarded the Coronation Medal in 1953. The Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal was a commemorative medal made to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Stewart received the medal with honour, accompanied by his wife Kath. Stewart received many messages of congratulations from Deaf people all over New Zealand.

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Stewart as President of Auckland Adult Deaf Society

Kath Smith and Sen Smith, with Hilary McCormack (Source: Talking Hands, Listening Eyes).

Stewart Smith addressing the assembly at the official opening ceremony in the new Auckland Deaf Society hall. 6 December 1958. (Source: The Story of Auckland Deaf Society Inc).

As President, Stewart was involved in several projects under the Society. Stewart liaised between the Society and the Friends of the Deaf in the Building Sub-committee to develop the property at Balmoral Road. Stewart was present at the opening ceremony of the new Auckland Deaf Welfare Centre on 6 December 1958 and made a speech.

Stewart also set up a Society Welfare Fund. The purpose of this fund was to visit any sick or ailing member at their home or in hospital and supply them with comforts such as fruit, cigarettes and magazines. The fund was also used for marriage presentations. Members paid-in sixpence per month.

Meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Stewart Smith and his wife, Kath. (Source: The Story of Auckland Deaf Society Inc)

Stewart also worked with John Oxspring to make a presentation to the Rt Hon S.G. Holland who was then the current Prime Minister of New Zealand. The Prime Minister thought that the issues concerning the “Born Deaf” were the same as those of the Hard of Hearing and John clarified the difference. This led to the Prime Minister promising support towards a possible financial subsidy for the centre.

Stewart in Sport

The winners of the New Zealand bowling fours title: Stewart Smith (skip), B. Pridham (3), F. Bell (2), and Kath Smith (lead). (Source: New Zealand Herald, 24 June 1971).

Stewart was an indoor bowls champion, and he held the North Island pairs and fours titles. Stewart was also a winner of the New Zealand Fours in 1962.

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