Tell a Story

There are many ways you can volunteer to help keep this archive alive and breathing, and telling a story about the content in the SignDNA archive in NZSL is one of them!

We know that the videos you see in this archive are just one view of the overall picture, and that it is stories about being there that can bring the videos alive. We therefore invite you to record your stories about events and people you see featured in this archive. For example were you at the Christchurch World Games for the Deaf, what was it like? Do you have a story about Bruce McHattie or Daniel Beech? Any story, preferably your own experience rather than a story someone else has told you, if it is related to one of the video you see on SignDNA than we would love to see it.

We will shortly post details on how to record your story. In the meantime, Watch Us contains a great resource on how to record your story in NZSL, and we’d highly recommend visiting their website for useful tips!