article – Taonga source: The Evening Post

Help to get to varsity

A deaf Wellington woman may now realise her life's ambition thanks to a Workbridge Women's Study Award. Sarah Cameron of Karori had always wanted to complete a university degree and train as a teacher of the deaf.
article – Taonga source: The Evening Post

Graduates silent but definitely not joyless

A group of graduating Victoria University students never spoke a word yesterday during the quietest graduation party ever held. The students were New Zealand's first to graduate with a certificate in Deaf studies.
article – Taonga source: Victoria News, Victoria University of Wellington

Dictionary for the language of the deaf

Nearly quarter of a million dollars in sponsorship has been raised for the NZSL dictionary, a joint effort by the University and the New Zealand Association of the Deaf.
article – Taonga source: The Dominion

Fewer Kiwis can use sign language

James Whale can speak as well as any 5-year old but sometimes he lets his hand do the talking. The Wellington boy and his family are among the dwindling number of Kiwis who can use NZSL.
article – Taonga source: Capital Times

A sign of communication

It's one of NZ's official languages yet still a mystery to most of us; the sign language used by the Deaf community. As part of Deaf Awareness Week, we asked Kerry Locker-Lampson about being an interpreter.
article – Taonga source: Unknown

Deaf people being left on the outer

A shortage of sign language interpreters means as many as 7700 deaf people are struggling to access services in their communities.