video – Taonga source: Richard Hay

Annual Picnic at Long Bay 1990

Auckland Deaf Society’s annual picnic at Long Bay where members compete in the 100m sprint (and fake starts!) and the boys show off their bodybuilding moves.
Richard Hay
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: 1968 (Vol. 6, No. 1)

video – Taonga source: Auckland Deaf Society

Sports Convention: Trip to Motuihe Domain

During the Sports Convention, Deaf people travel to Motuihe Domain, on Motuihe Island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, for a picnic.
Auckland Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Auckland Deaf Society

Sports Convention picnic at Motukarara, 1955

During the 1955 Sports Convention hosted in Christchurch, a picnic is held at Motukarara, by Lake Ellesmere in Canterbury.
Auckland Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Janice and Gary Howard

Annual Auckland Picnic at Orewa, 1969

Members of the Auckland Deaf Society and friends attend the annual picnic at Orewa Beach in March 1969.
Janice and Gary Howard
Deaf Picnics
Deaf Picnics
Deaf Picnics

Deaf Picnics

Everyone loves a good picnic, especially if you’re Deaf and the picnic is organised by your local Deaf Club! Collection of archival items related to Deaf picnics over the years, with videos, images, news snippets from newsletters and later, NZSL stories!
video – Taonga source: Dennis Tod

Canterbury Annual Deaf Picnic 1977

Members of the Canterbury Deaf community make for a picnic on a lovely day, with tug-o-war and running races.
Dennis Tod
video – Taonga source: Auckland Deaf Society

Auckland Deaf Picnic at Orewa Beach

Deaf people get together at John and Verna McRae’s place before heading to Orewa, Auckland for the Annual ADS Picnic.
Auckland Deaf Society
video – Taonga source: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Deaf Societies Sports Convention, Wellington 1958

Deaf Aucklanders make their way down to Wellington in a van for the Labour Weekend sports. Stopping on the way, they prepare for a day of sports and socialising.
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
video – Taonga source: Owen Gibbons

Picnic at Duders Beach

Auckland Deaf community hold their annual picnic at Duders Beach, 1951.
Owen Gibbons
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: Summer 1966-67 (Vol. 4, No. 2)