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  1. 1995
    Video — Donated by Chris Blum Image of Chris Blum

    Friends of Young Deaf (FYD) Explained

    FYD Leader Chris Blum explains how the programme works.

  2. 1987
    Video — Donated by Television New Zealand Archive Image of Television New Zealand Archive

    Parents speak of their fears for the future of St Dominic’s School for Deaf Children

    Following the potential closure of St Dominic's, parents express their concerns at a community meeting for their deaf children’s future if they were to be mainstreamed into a local school.

  3. 1976
    Video — Donated by Manawatu Deaf Society Image of Manawatu Deaf Society

    NZ Deaf Sports Convention, Palmerston North 1976

    Footage from the sports, meeting, and socialising at the 21st NZ Deaf Sports Convention, Palmerston North 1976.

  4. 1999
    Video — Donated by Dorothy Jones Image of Dorothy Jones

    Manawatu Deaf Society’s netball team talk about logistics...

    Members of the Manawatu Deaf Society’s netball team discuss the running of the team including fundraising and other logistics. This video is a good example of the natural language used during meetings in 1999 and is presented here unedited for this purpose.