Rūaumoko Komiti – Turi Māori
Rūaumoko Komiti – Turi Māori
Rūaumoko Komiti – Turi Māori

Rūaumoko Komiti – Turi Māori

Tihei mauri ora! Turi Māori are here! SignDNA is proud to present the Turi Māori collection of historic video taonga. The majority of the content of the Turi Māori collection was donated by the Rūaumoko Komiti, with invaluable footage of wānanga, hikoi, and other important korero.
Rūaumoko Komiti
article – Taonga source: The Northern Advocate

Northland marae set up te reo and deaf sign programmes to grow national languages

Twenty marae across Northland want to grow the number of whānau who can speak te reo Māori ... in sign language. An eight week course, He Aha, is about to get under way to help whānau improve communication with tangata turi.
The Northern Advocate
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Hunga Turi: Māori Deaf have their first accessible stay on a marae

‘Te Karare’ was present to witness members of the Māori Deaf community have their first accessible stay on Kokohinau marae.
Television New Zealand Archive
article – Taonga source: Southland Times

Marae visit highlights challenges the deaf face in connecting with Māori culture

A visit by a group of Southland students to a marae has highlighted the challenges faced by deaf Māori who want to connect with their culture.
Southland Times
article – Taonga source: Kōkiri Magazine

Māori Deaf Gather

Last year on Queen’s Birthday weekend, Hamilton man Hemi Hema was honoured for his tireless work advocating for opportunities for Māori Deaf. This Queen’s Birthday weekend he was showing that his great work continues – facilitating a hui for Māori Deaf from throughout Aotearoa aimed at focusing on new beginnings for their community.
Kōkiri Magazine
video – Taonga source: Rūaumoko Komiti

A Day in the Life of Rūaumoko Marae

Insight into the preparations that go into a powhiri onto Rūaumoko Marae, and rare footage of the powhiri itself, followed by an interview with Patrick Thompson.
Rūaumoko Komiti