1. 1993
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    Sounds or Silence?

    In the early 1990s, due to a breakthrough in technology, cochlear implants were starting to become the norm. The Deaf community worldwide viewed cochlear implants as a device that disregarded the need for access to sign language. Others considered such devices a miracle. In 1993, ‘60 Minutes’ investigated this controversial topic in New Zealand.

  2. 1994
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    A Deafening Silence

    A ‘Frontline’ documentary that touches upon an on-going topic - Deaf Education - in the Deaf community, not only in New Zealand but worldwide as well. In 2019, the message remains as familiar as it was twenty-five years ago.

  3. 2000
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    Deaf Association of New Zealand 2000

    A look at the work of the New Zealand Association of the Deaf, presented by Judy Bailey.



  5. 1988
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    I'm Deaf, It's OK

    A day in the life of Gareth Griffiths, a ten year old Deaf boy.

  6. 1976
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    Understand the Silence: A Silent Documentary about the Silent World of Deafness

    This documentary was filmed and edited by Joan Bailey and released in 1976. It covers the preparation and running of the St Dominics Gala Day, as well as Manawatu Deaf Club picnics, and the Manawatu Womens Group.

  7. 1989
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    Deafblind Wrestler competes at the 1989 World Games for the Deaf in Christchurch

    Pier Morten, a Deafblind wrestler from Canada, participates in the 1989 World Games for the Deaf, in Christchurch.