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Teaching the deaf since 1973

Teaching for almost 50 years has proved a rewarding career for Terry O'Brien, who has witnessed the development of deaf education. He has seen the transition of deaf education from an emphasis on teaching verbally and through text, to an emphasis on Signed English then NZSL in the 90s.
article – Taonga source: The Times.

Problem that too often falls on ‘deaf ears’…

In Hamilton, there are four deaf units, three at Hamilton West and one at Melville Intermediate. Next year there is going to be a deaf unit at Melville High School.
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Deaf Southern Star: 2015 (Vol. 37, No. 1)

St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre
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New Deaf Unit at Hutt Valley College

Nine third-formers, all described as "profoundly deaf", began secondary school this year at Hutt Valley Memorial Technical College.
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Memories of Shaun Fahey

Shaun Fahey, a Deaf artist, talks about illustrating signs for the NZSL Dictionary, and what life was like for a young Shaun growing up in Christchurch under the rule of oralism.
AUT Visual Languages Section
article – Taonga source: The Dominion

New Zealand’s first bilingual deaf unit

New Zealand's first official "bilingual" deaf unit attached to a primary school will be opened next week. The unit teaches both NZSL and English. Mr Buchanan, who will head the unit, is one of six deaf teachers teaching the deaf in New Zealand.
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Memories of Ava Buzzard (2004)

Ava Buzzard talks about commuting to school via her father’s motorbike, home signs, signing and oralism, and the next generation of signers.
AUT Visual Languages Section
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NZSL has become an integral part of Coffee Educators

Not long after opening Co-Ed Cafe and the associated training school, Claire Matheson began running courses for students of Newlands College Deaf Unit. NZSL is now used in meetings and training, and they have menus in sign language.
Attitude Pictures
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The Watercooler: Deaf Edition

Three Deaf panelists talk about their experiences in communication, schooling, and work. Facilitated by a Deaf MC with interpreted voice over these hilarious, heartwarming experiences give an insight into the Deaf community.
Merge NZ
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Unique Wellington school for Deaf students where sign language rules could help more kids, community says

Parents and teachers at a unique school for Deaf students within a school believe more children in Wellington could benefit from the service. And they are calling for a high school to be set up to teach Deaf students across the region.
article – Taonga source: Hawkes Bay Today

Stories of Hawke’s Bay’s deaf school heard

Among the schooling communities in Hawke's Bay perhaps one of the most unique is the deaf community; many of whom were taught at Napier's Onekawa Deaf Unit. Their stories, heard over the past two years by resource teacher of the deaf Juliet Clarke, have now been compiled into a one-of-a-kind book 'Hearing Aid Bras and Other Stories 1969-2014.'
Hawkes Bay Today
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New ideas from London course on teaching

Rebecca was recently chosen, aong with seven other deaf New Zealanders, to attend a two-week training course in London to learn the basic concepts of teaching sign language.
article – Taonga source: Hawkes Bay Today

Past pupils to reunite 50th Anniversary of the Onekawa School Deaf Unit

This weekend past and present pupils of Onekawa School will be coming together to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Onekawa School Deaf Unit. From March 22 to March 25, ex-pupils and friends of the Onekawa deaf unit will meet in Hawke's Bay to remember their schooling experiences, share stories and visit the site of the old unit.
Hawkes Bay Today
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Deaf wing ‘alive and well’

St Dominic's Wing for Deaf Children is alive and well and integrated with St Joseph's School in Feilding, says principal Sister Gemma.
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Memories of Greg Pateman

Greg talks about his passion - Deaf sports, and why the Southern Deaf sport teams are superior to their Central and Northern counterparts!
AUT Visual Languages Section
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Duchess gets magic carpet treatment

What do you do in the deaf unit at Hutt Valley Memorial College when everything is spic and span ready for a Duchess to pay a visit and someone spills a pot of black ink on the carpet?
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Coping in a hearing world

Rachel Noble and Donna Allen, both 17 and profoundly deaf, talk about their experiences in education.
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Memories of Susan Thomas (1998)

Susan, born as the only deaf person in a hearing family, talks about the dialect differences in sign between the South Island and the North Island, oralism, moving cities, participating in the Trans-Tasman Games, and meeting her husband, Paul.
AUT Visual Languages Section