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The Making of an NZSL Friendly School

The Making of a NZSL Friendly School follows Andre, who began as a new entrant at the school in 2016, and the journey of his teachers, classmates and wider school community in learning NZSL and incorporating it into school curriculum.
Darryl Alexander
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Speak Up Kōrerotia – Deaf Education in Aotearoa

This special NZSL Week show looks at the history and progression of deaf education in Aotearoa over time, from the oral method of communication taught for decades to the current use and teaching of NZSL. We interview Kay Drew (former teacher at the Van Asch Deaf Education Centre in Christchurch, and a CODA - child of deaf adults) and Sara Pivac Alexander (Te Herenga Waka Victoria University)
Speak Up Kōrerotia
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New Zealand’s first bilingual deaf unit

New Zealand's first official "bilingual" deaf unit attached to a primary school will be opened next week. The unit teaches both NZSL and English. Mr Buchanan, who will head the unit, is one of six deaf teachers teaching the deaf in New Zealand.
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Deaf woman goes to head of class

Struggles in her own schooling as she grew up made profoundly deaf Auckland woman Sarah Cameron want to be a teacher. Her ambition came true yesterday when she became the first deaf person to graduate with a mainstream secondary teacher's diploma.
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An ‘inspirational’ deaf teacher is teaching sign language to hearing toddlers

One deaf teacher in south Auckland has inspired several toddlers and their parents to learn sign language.
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Help to get to varsity

A deaf Wellington woman may now realise her life's ambition thanks to a Workbridge Women's Study Award. Sarah Cameron of Karori had always wanted to complete a university degree and train as a teacher of the deaf.
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Nirvana teaching Sign Language

She’s a great mum and teacher and she’s deaf. Nirvana Graham is creating history by teaching our third official language in mainstream school.
Attitude Pictures
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I’m Deaf, Let’s Talk

Meet Karishma Mohan, one of the faces of NZSL Week 2011. Here, we get a glimpse of Karishma's life – both home, work and socially. She is studying to become a teacher with a practicum at Kelston Deaf Education Centre's pre-school.
Asia Downunder
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Sign of the times

We meet Kaori Kobayashi, the first Asian Deaf Teacher in New Zealand.
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