video – Taonga source: Owen Gibbons

Christchurch Deaf men with (and on) their bicycles

Black and white footage of a group of Christchurch Deaf men with their bicycles chatting to the camera excitedly before riding on the road, and signing at the same time!
Owen Gibbons
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Angela Sew Hoy: A Deaf Chinese New Zealander

‘Asia Dynamic’ catches up with Angela Sew Hoy, to find out what life is like as a Deaf Chinese New Zealander, navigating three different cultures in everyday life.
Television New Zealand Archive
publication – Taonga source: National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

NFD Communicate: September 1993

National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Deaf young actor on ‘Strangers’

'Strangers' was a TVNZ-produced drama series, including one Deaf character played by 7-year-old Sonia Pivac. This short documentary is a brief look behind the scenes of the filming process.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Point of View Productions

‘See What I Mean’

'See What I Mean' presents two real-life stories: the story of a family who were all born Deaf, and a journalist who loses her hearing. It offers positive advice about hearing loss as well as celebrating the New Zealand Deaf community.
Point of View Productions
video – Taonga source: Jared Flitcroft

Our Second Home: Wellington Deaf Club

The Wellington Deaf Club is a place where Deaf and hearing alike go to relax, take a break from the ‘outside’ world and communicate in a language that is loud. Jared Flitcroft explores why the Deaf Club is their second home and the cultural aspect of being Deaf in a ‘hearing’ world.
Jared Flitcroft
video – Taonga source: St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre

People like us – ‘Deaf Education and Technology’

A look into the world of Deaf people, in particular a glimpse into Deaf education at the time, and how technology improves the lives of Deaf people, with Daniel Beech demonstrating the use of a TTY.
St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre
video – Taonga source: Sonia Pivac

In memory of Wallace Williams: A Deaf life!

A montage celebrating Wallace Williams’ life and his contribution to the Auckland Deaf community.
Sonia Pivac
article – Taonga source: Stuff

Future leaders of Deaf community share vision for NZ Sign Language

While NZSL Week runs from May 8-14, young leaders of the Deaf community are continuously advocating for their culture and language in the hearing world every other week of the year.
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Spot On interview of Deaf actor in ‘Strangers’

'Strangers' was a TVNZ-produced drama series for children, with one Deaf character played by 7-year-old Sonia Pivac. Reporter Phil Keoghan, from ‘Spot On’, interviews Sonia about being the only Deaf actor in the drama.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

I’m Deaf, It’s OK

A day in the life of Gareth Griffiths, a ten year old Deaf boy.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Sara Pivac Alexander

International Postcard: New Zealand

DeafTV from Denmark makes a trip to New Zealand to feature the country and its Deaf community on its ‘International Postcard’ series, with scenes from a normal Friday night at the Deaf Club, a trip to the Deaf Association office. The Deaf Danish crew are also welcomed onto the Rūaumoko Marae.
Sara Pivac Alexander
video – Taonga source: Owen Gibbons

Day trip to Helensville Hot Pools

A group of Deaf people make a trip to the Helensville Hot Pools 1951.
Owen Gibbons
video – Taonga source: Rūaumoko Komiti

Patrick Thompson’s ‘Te Hēteri’ interview – unedited footage

Unedited footage of Patrick Thompson’s ‘Te Hēteri’ interview at the famed Star Sign Cafe on Auckland’s Dominion Road in 2004.
Rūaumoko Komiti
article – Taonga source: Woman’s Day

Erica Dawson’s sign language battle ‘We’re nothing to be afraid of’

"There's still a lot of barriers for deaf people in this country," says Erica, who lost her hearing when she was six months old. "We face all sorts of challenges that hearing people take for granted, such as finding interpreters to help us with schoolwork or meetings at work."
Woman’s Day