article – Taonga source: Central Leader

Deaf singers in song

For the last 15 months, the Independent Theatre of the Deaf has performed in venues all over Auckland as the Deaf Sign Singers.
article – Taonga source: The Dominion

Communicating from a silent world

Jenny Griffiths, the mother of two profoundly deaf children, talks about communicating with them in Total Communication.
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

The play ‘Children of a Lesser God’

This TV series (Sunday Magazine) looks at some of the projects young people are getting involved in. This clip is about acting in a play about Deaf people, in which Patty Still has been teaching the hearing cast NZSL for their roles.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Ko Taku Reo, Deaf Education New Zealand

NZSL becomes an official language of New Zealand

On 6th April 2006, members of the Deaf community and supporters gathered on the steps of parliament to celebrate the NZSL Bill passing its Third Reading, becoming the NZSL Act (2006). This marked the end of a long journey to give NZSL official status in Aotearoa New Zealand. This footage was screened on TV3 that evening.
Ko Taku Reo, Deaf Education New Zealand
article – Taonga source: NZ Herald

Deaf ‘denied basic rights’ in courts

A fight has begun against a justice system which some deaf people regard as denying them basic human rights.
article – Taonga source: The Evening Post

Specialist in deaf education on NZ visit

From the day a child is diagnosed as being profoundly deaf, he should learn the system of "total communication," advocates Australian educationist Mr Brian Reynolds.
article – Taonga source: Eastern Suburbs News

Successful integration of the deaf depends on community attitudes

If a New Zealand-born person doesn’t speak good English, people are likely to assume such a person is unintelligent. Such an assumption is wrong when the person is born deaf.
article – Taonga source: Unknown

A life few people know

Few people with normal hearing stop to consider the daily frustrations faced by the deaf.
video – Taonga source: Speak Up Kōrerotia

Speak Up Kōrerotia – Deaf Education in Aotearoa

This special NZSL Week show looks at the history and progression of deaf education in Aotearoa over time, from the oral method of communication taught for decades to the current use and teaching of NZSL. We interview Kay Drew (former teacher at the Van Asch Deaf Education Centre in Christchurch, and a CODA - child of deaf adults) and Sara Pivac Alexander (Te Herenga Waka Victoria University)
Speak Up Kōrerotia
article – Taonga source: Unknown

Cook tragedy feared

Seven deaf and mute Japanese climbers are angry at newly knighted Prime Minister, Sir Robert Muldoon, ordering them down from Mt Cook yesterday, says a leading mountain guide.
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: Summer 1966-67 (Vol. 4, No. 2)

article – Taonga source: NZ Woman’s Weekly

They’re naturals for the part

A production this month of the play Children of a Lesser God in Auckland will feature two deaf actors, Bryan Williams and Sheila Gibbons. And the starring role will be played, for the second time, by Gloss actress Miranda Harcourt.
video – Taonga source: Sue Williams

The Remand of Ivan Curry

A documentary outlining the case of Ivan Curry who, in 1988, was arrested and tried for the murder of his baby nephew. The documentary explores the case and in particular the plight of Ivan Curry who was remanded without bail for 15 months awaiting trial, as well as the difficulty Deaf people face navigating the justice system.
Sue Williams
article – Taonga source: NZPA

Fears for deaf climbers

Seven Japanese climbers, members of the Tokyo Deaf and Mute Climbing Society, flew on to Mt Cook yesterday, ignoring warnings of avalanche danger near their base camp.
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Deaf man misses out on winning a car, claims discrimination

Holmes investigates the case of Wallace Williams, an Auckland Deaf man claiming he is being discriminated against. He won a contest at Hunters Plaza in Auckland for a car but was unable to claim the prize at the time because he could not hear the announcement that he was the winner.
Television New Zealand Archive
publication – Taonga source: National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

NFD Communicate: Summer 1996/97

National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

Deaf Awareness Week 1996

Deaf Awareness Week 1996 begins, with a spotlight on Des Barton, who finds the latest technology in hearing aids a great improvement. Angela Sew Hoy highlights that the week is aiming to raise awareness about Deaf people, their language and culture.
Television New Zealand Archive
video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

New Zealand Police Commissioner considers Deaf access to justice

Two weeks after 'The Remand of Ivan Curry' screens on TV1, Police Commissioner John Jamieson meets with Jennifer Brain to work out better procedures for dealing with Deaf people in custody.
Television New Zealand Archive
article – Taonga source: Unknown

Mudpools replace ice

Avalanche-free mudpools and geysers have replaced snow and ice for the seven deaf-mute Japanese climbers pulled off Mt Cook on Friday.
article – Taonga source: NZ Listener


Whakatane teacher Ruth Gerzon looks at some of the problems facing the deaf, in particular the controversy on how they should be taught.
article – Taonga source: Unknown

Getting the best from a less-than-perfect body

Some make a fuss, dress up and do it because its fashionable. Others do it for the sport and for the good of their bodies. Peter Barker, who is deaf, is one of the others.
video – Taonga source: Deaf Aotearoa

‘Inside Out’ interviews Hilary McCormack: Deaf education, advocacy and technology

An ‘Inside Out’ interview with Hilary McCormack where she talks about the advent of NZSL in Deaf education, advocacy and changing technology in the New Zealand Deaf community.
Deaf Aotearoa
video – Taonga source: Darryl Alexander

The Making of an NZSL Friendly School

The Making of a NZSL Friendly School follows Andre, who began as a new entrant at the school in 2016, and the journey of his teachers, classmates and wider school community in learning NZSL and incorporating it into school curriculum.
Darryl Alexander
article – Taonga source: The Auckland Star

They’re shut out-lonely and deaf

Trevor Fear, Auckland's newly-appointed deaf welfare officer talks about his experiences, the deaf community and their needs.
publication – Taonga source: National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

NFD Communicate: March 1994

National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
publication – Taonga source: New Zealand Deaf News

NZ Deaf News: May 1980 (Vol. 17, No. 4)

video – Taonga source: Television New Zealand Archive

‘Speaking’ shown on ‘The South Tonight’

Total Communication is promoted on ‘The South Tonight’ by MOACOM, a newly formed influential group.
Television New Zealand Archive
article – Taonga source: Education News

“Deaf kids aren’t dumb you know?” 100 Years of Education for the Deaf

Van Asch College, as it will now be known, is no longer a school exclusively for the deaf.
article – Taonga source: The Chronicle

Coping with deafness in a hearing world

Cushla and Brian talk about their lives – being Deaf, their experiences at school, employment, and communication.
article – Taonga source: NZ Woman’s Weekly

Helen Keller: The great made her their heroine

To mark the centenary of the birth of Helen Keller on June 27, 1880, Pat Dugale has written about unusual experiences in her life.
article – Taonga source: Stuff

An ‘inspirational’ deaf teacher is teaching sign language to hearing toddlers

One deaf teacher in south Auckland has inspired several toddlers and their parents to learn sign language.