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  1. 1978
    Video — Donated by Susie Ovens Image of Susie Ovens

    Suzanne Ovens on Star Zone!

    Susie Ovens, a 12-year-old Deaf girl, participates in ‘Star Zone’ showcasing her miming and theatre skills. Susie wins the New Zealand grand prize and a trip to Melbourne, Australia to participate in another show. At the time of her victory there were no communicators or NZSL interpreters, leaving Susie to figure out at the end of the show whether she had won!

  2. 1978
    Video — Donated by St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre Image of St Dominic’s Catholic Deaf Centre

    People like us – 'Deaf Education and Technology'

    A look into the world of Deaf people, in particular a glimpse into Deaf education at the time, and how technology improves the lives of Deaf people, with Daniel Beech demonstrating the use of a TTY.

  3. 1978
    Video — Donated by Deaf Society of Canterbury Image of Deaf Society of Canterbury

    Canterbury Deaf Club teams travel to Greymouth

    The Canterbury Deaf Club Basketball & Netball teams travels to Greymouth, with the ‘Deaf Boys’ playing against the ‘Hot Shots’ and winning 67-54.

  4. 1978
    Video — Donated by Pam Croskery Image of Pam Croskery

    23rd Deaf Sports Convention: Auckland vs Christchurch men’s basketball

    A packed YMCA hall with supporters watching the Auckland vs Christchurch men’s basketball game.

  5. 1978
    Video — Donated by Television New Zealand Archive Image of Television New Zealand Archive

    Total Communications camp, shown on ‘The South Tonight’

    New Zealand's first total communications camp for Deaf children takes place in Tautuku, South Otago.

  6. 1978
    Video — Donated by Dennis Tod Image of Dennis Tod

    Christchurch Basketball and Netball teams leave for Greymouth

    The Christchurch Deaf Mens Basketball team travel to Greymouth, accompanied by the Deaf netball team.