Deaf News of New Zealand: 1973 (Vol. 11, No. 3)

Some of the items featured in the 1973 Issue of ‘Deaf News of New Zealand’ (Vol. 11, No. 3): 

  • This is the third issue of Deaf News in its new look.
  • An Auckland group makes recommendations to the Educational Development Conference, saying that the combined method of communication should be taught in New Zealand schools for the deaf instead of oralism only.
  • A new film is being produced for the New Zealand Teaching Films to Help Deaf Children Society: “A Deaf Child Grows Up”
  • Daniel Beech proposes deaf people meet at the Hamilton Deaf Sports Convention to get the ball rolling in starting an association for the deaf. 
  • Dieter asks for New Zealanders to be more welcoming of Deaf internationals, keeping in mind that they have played a part in the establishment of the Deaf News, NZ Sports Association, or in Auckland, the first church service at the Deaf Welfare Centre. 

  1. Anne Hanley

  2. Anne McNamara

  3. Barry Kinnair

  4. Beth Titter

  5. Carol Brady

  6. Daniel Beech

  7. Danny Brady

  8. Darcy Dale

  9. Des Powell

  10. Dieter Helmerding

  11. Don Beech

  12. Donna Walker

  13. Doreen Powell

  14. Eddie Sedon

  15. Edna Goves

  16. Gladys Dick

  17. Harry Hanley

  18. Hazel Fry

  19. Joan Bailey

  20. Jonathan Anton

  21. Josephine Beech

  22. Lance Manning

  23. Lesley Funnell

  24. Lorraine Nilsson

  25. Maree Carroll

  26. Mary Johnson

  27. Michael Rose

  28. Ngaire Doherty

  29. Ngaire Williams

  30. Phonese Carroll

  31. Ron Dick

  32. Roy Williams

  33. Shirley Withers

  34. Terry Walbran

  35. Wayne McNamara

  36. Wendy Sedon

Reference number DN1973-10-4-MJN