Our vision

SignDNA is intended first and foremost as a taonga (treasure) for the New Zealand Deaf community. It is a place to celebrate who we are, see how far we have come despite great odds, and to remember those that have helped and been a part of this journey.

We hope that the archive is used and updated regularly by people who see it as belonging to them, and reflecting their history and identity. We hope the archive discovers a life its own through those that use it.

We also hope it becomes a valuable tool for learning about NZ Deaf history and the origins of NZSL. We encourage schools to consider its use in teaching Deaf history and culture. Adults too intending to work or otherwise be a part of the Deaf community could benefit from studying its history in this way.

There are a number of improvements, additions and interactive elements ready for development. Some of these can be achieved with will and volunteerism alone, but some will rely on securing funding to achieve. We encourage you to support our efforts to maintain and develop this archive, and welcome your contribution of time, material, knowledge or resources.