NZ Deaf Clubs

Deaf clubs are often considered the heart of their local Deaf communities. They are a place that is Deaf in a hearing world, where members can meet and be themselves, an oasis of cultural belonging. Deaf people can often be seen using terms such as ‘second home’ when describing their club, and for many it is a place that provided their first gateway into the Deaf community. Many began in living rooms and garages, and have grown through the effort and passion of their members into exciting centres for their community.
SignDNA fully intends to have an archive page for each of the fantastic Deaf clubs around NZ. However as a starting point we have begun with pages for those clubs that have donated films, or have footage of. We hope to be able to bring you films from all Deaf clubs so if you have films you wish to donate we would love to hear from you.

  1. Auckland Deaf Society

  2. Manawatu Deaf Society

  3. Deaf Society of Canterbury