SignDNA sincerely acknowledges the efforts of these people and many others who have helped form this archive to what it is today. We are sorry if we have missed your name, if we have please feel free to remind us!

Firstly, SignDNA has been made possible by the efforts of a committed group of volunteers and staff who have been working on this project for a number of years, the volunteer crew of Sonia Pivac (Project leader), Daniel Hanks and Trudy Lane, supported by our amazing staff members: Catherine Greenwood and Amanda Everitt. 

Formative partnership: Many thanks to Philip Patston and the board of Diversityworks Trust for assisting SignDNA by facilitating its early development.

We are grateful to the initial SignDNA Steering Group who gave the project direction at a critical time: Raymond Jenkin, Kevin Pivac, Sue Penman, David McKee and Mary Johnson.

And thanks to our numerous volunteers, who have contributed in terms of time, photos and materials:

Kerry Titcombe, John Hunt, Ngaire Doherty, Patreena Byran, Lesley Schischka, Sheila Gibbons, Gavin Gibbons, Shona McGhie, Sara Pivac Alexander, Chris Blum, Abbie Twiss, Amy Hewgill, Michelle Macdonald-Wust, Kirsty Herbert, Megan Wiley, Janine Smith, Margaret Picard, Israel Armstrong, Daniel Harborne, Annette Scott, Suzanne Hanson, Norman Norris, John Schischka, Ava Buzzard, Beth Titter, Peter Murray, Susan Hamilton, Kevin Pivac, Melissa Sutton, Julia Freeman, Susie Ovens, Grace Covey, Karishma Mohan, Colleen Norris, Jeff Went.

Thank you to the Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision (The New Zealand Archive of Film, Television and Sound), in particular Diane Pivac for her support and guidance.

Heath Sadlier for his assistance with user interface design and experience, and all the Deaf people we interviewed, tested and filmed in the design phase of the archive website.

And last but not least, we sincerely thank these people and organisations who have contributed films, to be digitised and brought alive on SignDNA:

Rodney Roberts, Royce Flynn, Shona McGhie, Sue Penman, Chris Blum, Richard Hay, Susan Thomas, Terry O’Brien, Deaf Studies Research Unit (VUW), Wellington Deaf Society, Deaf Aotearoa, Manawatu Deaf Society, Auckland Deaf Society, Allan Richardson, Archives New Zealand, David Rutledge, Kerry Titcombe, Dennis Tod, Dorothy Jones, Dulcie McKie, Fred Muller, Gavin Gibbons, Hilda Tamepo, Jackie Davidson, Janice Howard, Kevin Pivac, Mary Johnson, Owen Gibbons, Pam Croskery, Pam Witko, Point of View Productions, Sue Williams.